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Food is imperative for biological survival. It is a necessity and a source of health and vitality if taken with the awareness of all the correlations between food and health and development. This paper aims to research the correlation between food, health, and longevity, and the factors in the chain of food safety and healthy food and diet to determine their role and significance and offer recommendations based on results and conclusions. Since children and adolescents are more likely to be affected by an unhealthy diet in the long term, their dietary habits were also researched. The paper identified the elements of importance for this problem – individuals, family, education system, media, food producers, state and international organizations. After analysis of the roles of all the elements and stakeholders in the chain of food safety and healthy diet, recommendations for each link in that chain were given.


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Author Biography

Željko Bjelajac, University of Business Academy, Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary, Novi Sad

Željko Đ. Bjelajac, Ph.D. Full Professor, University of Business Academy, Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary, Geri Karolja Street no. 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, Phone: +381644628967, e-mail:, ORCID ID:


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