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Abraham Maslows theory is one of the best-known and oft-cited theories in the West. It is known as a theory of the hierarchy of needs. By this theory, human needs are hierarchically organized in five levels. The hierarchy is depicted as a pyramid, with the largest, most basic needs at the bottom, and the highest needs, such as self-actualization on top. It is understood that physiological needs are at the first level, such as needs for air, water, food... The physiological needs of an organism are basic human needs, and their fulfillment is a basic precondition followed by the needs of a higher order. Healthy life habits such as a good diet contribute to physical, mental, and emotional health. Their influence can be far-reaching, regardless of age, gender, or physical capabilities. Education accompanied by a steady application of current dietary knowledge allows us to consciously influence life processes in our organism. Mass media has to take the leading role in the promotion of food safety culture, while not considering only technical questions.


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