Surveys were conducted in the Nisava and Toplica districts in Serbia during 2018. The medium-sized private sheep farm (A) in Držanovac in the Toplica District and the small private sheep farm (B) in Orljan, in the Nisava District are being investigated. The volume and technology of sheep genotype production for lamb production for sale on both farms was monitored and economic results analyzed. During the study period, it was found that on farm A there were 150 heads of Merino breed and on farm B 75 heads. Total profit on Farm A without incentives in crop production: wheat 1,215.0 EUR, maize 1329.7 EUR, barley 1314.60 EUR, triticale 1561,50 EUR and in livestock breeding for 150 heads EUR 16,920, of which 13,500 EUR in lamb production. Also total profit on Farm B in crop production: wheat EUR 2,853.0, corn EUR 1329.6 and livestock production, by 75 heads, EUR 8,460, of which EUR 6,750 in lamb production.


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