Packaging and viability of food product

  • Snežana Trmčić, PhD Faculty for Management of Small and Medium-sized Companies, Belgrade
  • Jasna Gvozdenović, PhD Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad
  • Radomir Jovanović, MA Faculty of Agriculture Belgrade, Serbia


Packaging is the holder and makes it all that into what the product is put. During its preparation in use are different materials: glass, paper, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic. In packaging design involved experts from different fields-technologists, economists, marketing experts, designers, psychologists etc. Functional suitable packaging is becoming an effective mediator between producers and customer functions of packaging are different, the most important are following: protection and sustainability of food products, transportation products, easier usability of products, economy, identification and information, motivation, shopping, helping form a good image of the product and recycling after use and conservation of natural habitat. Image product is the overall impression that the product creates a potential customer and includes values, attitudes, and stereotypes about him. Image is not static assumption, but is a process that moves from initial phase of the image-formation and its relative stability. However large number of producers, competitors, particularly large number of similar products developed markets requires a good familiarity with distinction, which is achieved by image producers, or its products. Aim of this work of implementing packaging materials and choice, producers of food products around appropriate packaging and requirements in order to successfully meet demands of sustainability of packed food quality products that they face a modern consumer society.


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