• Jonel Subić, PhD Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade
  • Branko Mihailović, PhD Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade
  • Zorica Vasiljević, PhD Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade


Serbia is in the central phase of transition, which should represent a radical turnover as well as real turning point in future development of domestic economy as well as economic actors. In the process of EU accession, it is expected putting into force numerous reform legislation, and for investors the most important are laws concerning land and construction, regulations in the area of industrial and technological parks, as well as agricultural and rural development.

Size of market, macroeconomic stability, operating costs, human resources, geographic position and investment infrastructure represent the most important factors among which makes municipality of Pančevo as a very attractive location for business in this part of Southeast Europe. Besides, municipality of Pančevo offers to all investors relatively good selling potential for great number of industrial and agricultural products, both at the world and domestic market, which comes from dutyfree approach toward the markets of EU, USA, Russia and Southeast Europe, of almost one billion people.

In the first part of the paper it is given an analysis of the recent investments both on regional and national level. In accordance with that, the research included longterm investment trend in economy of Pančevo municipality as well as characteristics of investment processes in economy of South-Banat Region, AP Vojvodina as well as Republic of Serbia.

In the second part of the paper, it is given a wider review of investments as a factor of agricultural development in municipality of Pančevo, South-Banat Region, AP Vojvodina as well as entire Republic of Serbia.


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SUBIĆ, Jonel; MIHAILOVIĆ, Branko; VASILJEVIĆ, Zorica. INVESTMENTS AS AN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FACTOR IN MUNICIPALITY OF PANČEVO. Economics of Agriculture, [S.l.], v. 55, n. 4, p. 365-378, dec. 2008. ISSN 2334-8453. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 28 nov. 2020.

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