• Jean Vasile Andrei Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, 39, B-dul Bucuresti, Ploiesti, 100680, and Researcher, National Institute for Economic Research ‘Costin C. Kiritescu’, Romanian Academy, Romania
  • Violeta Sima Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, 39, B-dul Bucuresti, Ploiesti
  • Ileana Georgiana Gheorghe Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, 39, B-dul Bucuresti, Ploiesti



agriculture, agricultural income, farm specializations, reform, intermediate


The evolution of European agriculture is a result of the numerous paradigm transformations and reforms occurring during the time. The intensification and specialization of the agricultural sector have determined a set of challenges and changes which has imposed a dramatic shift from the traditional European agricultural model. The main aim of this paper is to assess and evaluate in a draft manner the European Union`s agricultural sectorial dynamics from the Romanian perspective. In order to identify main trends and gaps in the European agricultural sector and argue the aims and scope of the research some of representative indexes were analyzed and presented in the specific context: nominal. Using the descriptive analysis of indexes such as: value, price, and volume of the agricultural production, farm specializations, agricultural income per annual work unit (Indicator A) and key components, agricultural output, and intermediate consumption, this current research provides an insight introduction to the agricultural sector of the European Union (EU). The main analysis results could serve as inputs for policymakers in drafting the agricultural guidelines in terms of functionality and application in understanding the sectorial evolutions.


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