• Adriana Radosavac, PhD University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance in Belgrade
  • Desimir Knežević, PhD University of Pristina, Faculty of Agriculture, Kosovska Mitrovica-Lesak


Quality and productivity determined by genotypes and application of scientific farming measure in wheat production. The pesticides are contributing to achieving high yield of wheat which application. The aim of this work is economic analysis of pesticides application in wheat production. For analysis used collected data from 32 wheat producers in rural area of Republic Serbia. The results in included farms in this investigation showed that average area of wheat production was 1.6 ha with achieved average grain yield 3621 kg ha-1 and average costs 563.15 per hectare. The average use of pesticides active ingredients was 892.5 g. Wheat producers applied the different amount of pesticides active ingredients: 646 g (72.44%) of herbicides, 231.7 g (25.96%) of fungicides and 14.3 g (1.60%) insecticides. The average plant protection costs by used pesticides were 70.30 euros ha-1, which was 12.48% of wheat production. The gain threshold computed was 319.54 kg ha-1. For achieving high economic output in wheat production is necessary apply right dose of pesticide, decrease costs of production and continuously provide education of farmers.


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