• Nina Maksimovic Sekulic, PhD Modern business school Belgrade, Belgrade
  • Jovan Živadinović, PhD High School for Business Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade
  • Ljiljana Dimitrijevic, PhD High School for Business Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade


Common agricultural policy (CAP) is the most dynamic segment of the EU legal legacy and the driving force of integration. The role and significance of this sector in the EU’s overall economy is to ensure the health of the population, rural development and environmental protection. Agricultural policy has emerged because of longstanding discussions about the need for the national agricultural policies of the countries of Western Europe to harmonize with each other, in order to ensure additional supply of food to the European population after World War II. Because of the exceptional importance of agriculture for economic stability and sustainable development, harmonization national policies with EU Common Agricultural Policy are essential. The specificities of national agriculture must be adequately respected in the legal and institutional arrangements that the country will adopt and apply in the EU accession process; otherwise, there would be deep and far-reaching consequences for those parts of national agribusiness that cannot fulfil the EU requirements. In this paper, throw the analytical and comparative method will be discussed the EU standards in this area, the harmonization level of Serbian agricultural policy with EU standards with special emphasis on negotiating chapter 11 and the institutional and legislative constraints in the EU accession process.


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