• Vlado Nikola Radic Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade
  • Nikola Vlado Radić Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Vladan Dušan Cogoljević Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship



agriculture, digital technology, Internet of Things, sensors, drones, change


Faced with a demographic boom, enormous urbanization and a lack of agricultural land, traditional agricultural production is losing pace with new needs and demands. Due to the increased demand for food, efforts are being made to develop technologies that would improve production, with the sustainable use of existing resources. Solving this challenge is possible by introducing Internet of Things technologies, satellite navigation, mobile communications and ubiquitous computing, which is called smart agriculture. The main goals of smart agriculture are to increase yields (provide information needed to analyze and make decisions that will maximize yields), efficient water use, more efficient agricultural operations (automation of daily activities, real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, daily and seasonal forecasting), cooperation with suppliers and public administration are more efficient and take place in real time). This article highlights the potential of the Internet of Things, big data and drones in agriculture, as well as the challenges of applying these technologies in relation to traditional agricultural practices.


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Author Biographies

Nikola Vlado Radić, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

He was born in 1991. Assistant professor, teaches financial management, corporate finance, microeconomics

Vladan Dušan Cogoljević, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

He is manager for marketing and information support. He holds a doctorate in agricultural economics


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