• Maja Ćirić, PhD Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad
  • Marko Carić, PhD Faculty of Law, Economics and Justice, Novi Sad
  • Boris Kuzman, PhD Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade


In recent years, huge efforts have been made to implement ICT innovations in the agricultural sector in order to increase its competitiveness. The question that can be posed is what depends on the successful implementation of ICT innovations among farmers. Numerous scientific papers were published with the purpose of identifying factors that affect acceptance of particular innovation by users. The aim of this paper was to determine whether the farmer innovativeness influences the acceptance and the degree of using the Internet and social media by farmer. Additionally, statistically significant correlation between the demographic factors of the farmers and their innovativeness was investigated. The research was conducted using survey method. Descriptive statistics, Correlation analysis using Pearson’s correlation coefficients and Chi-square test were used as statistical methods. Obtained results confirmed the initial hypotheses and based on that recommendations for the creation of a marketing strategy for introducing new ICT solutions in the fled of agriculture are made.


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