• Zoran Bogetić, Ph.D. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics
  • Dragan Stojković, Ph.D. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics
  • Siniša Milošević, Ph.D. Commission for Protection of Competition, Belgrade


The leading role of retailers in food industry marketing channels signifcantly contributes to shopper marketing affrmation. Shopper marketing is a new marketing paradigm which focuses on the shopper and point-of-sale. Results of thorough literature review on shopper marketing have been presented in this paper. In addition, research methodology includes surveying 1000 shoppers in food retail stores in Belgrade area. The paper considers and analyzes the characteristics of urban food retail market shoppers, and based on the fndings of the conducted research concludes that adaptation of shopper marketing strategies is necessary. Signifcant research fnding is that shoppers’ perceptions in food retail market require a profled approach to retail store strategy adjustments, which includes shopper marketing programs and activities. The paper opens a number of questions regarding possible approaches to shopper marketing by crisscrossing the variables of retail formats, sex, and shoppers’ income categories.


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