Technical instructions


The ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE is an international scientific journal, published quarterly by Balkan Scientific Association of Agricultural Economists (BSAAE) in cooperation with Institute of Agricultural Economics Belgrade (IAE) and Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest (ASE), in which are published original scientific papers (double reviewed), review articles, pre-announcements, book reviews, short communications and research reports. Research reports and book reviews will be accepted after previous consultation/invitation with/from either a journal Editor, or Editor of the book review, in accordance with the journal submission criteria.
The journal ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE accepts only articles submitted electronically on English language, as e-mail attachment to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The articles have to be submitted in duplicate, providing one copy without information about author(s), in order not to violate double-blind review process. In the second copy of the article must be specified all information about author(s) (in required format) that are necessary for further correspondence and full transparency of published article.
Submission of articles to the ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE implies that their content has not been published previously in English, or in any other language. Also, submitted papers should not be under consideration for their publication elsewhere (in some other journal) and their publication has to be approved by all authors with signed declaration. Publisher reserves right to verify originality of submitted article by use of specialized software for plagiarism detection.


The articles submitted to the journal ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE will be double blind (peer) reviewed and must have two positive reviews consistent to the generally accepted scientific standards. The reviewer independently and autonomously evaluates the article and could give a positive review, suggest some corrections, or give a negative review. In case that the review reports are antagonistic (one is positive and the second one is negative) the final decision will be on third review. Manuscript returned to the author(s) for revision does not guarantee the publication acceptance after article correction. The final decision for publication will be made after repeated review of the revised manuscript. If the article is evaluated positively and accepted for publication, each author has to sign the warranty of paper originality and confirm the copyright transfer to the journal ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE.


These Instructions will give all necessary information to author(s), as well as template for the articles preparation before their submission for publication in the journal Economics of Agriculture. We are asking you to use this document with a maximal attention, in other words to realize it as a set of instructions and practical example that will contribute to easier and more efficient operation under your article within the all phases of journal editing. Articles that deviate from mentioned template are not be taken into consideration.
Page setup: Paper size: width 170 mm x height 240 mm; Margins: top/bottom 20 mm, left/right 18 mm; Layout: header 1,25cm, footer 1,25cm; Orientation: Portrait. Paper volume up to 30.000 characters (without spaces) or 15 pages is preferable. Articles should not be shorter than 10 pages. Depending on papers' quality, Editorial Board could also accept longer articles. Article has to be prepared electronically (on computer), in program Microsoft Word XP or some later version of this program.
Below is a detail Template (technical instructions) for correct preparation of articles that will be submitted to the journal Economics of Agriculture. You are asked to maximum possible follow the technical instruction given by the following template.