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 History of the journal ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE

The journal Economics of Agriculture has existed for 60 years and it is one of the oldest and the most respected publications within the agro-economic periodicity of the Republic of Serbia, representing a reliable mirror of our agrarian reality. During its long and continuous duration, journal has changed its form and name, adjusting its conception and content, as well as dynamics of its publishing activity:

  • first number was published on February 1954 under the title Jutro;
  • on September 1959 it had changed its name into the Agriculture and Cooperatives;
  • since 1964 it has been published under its current name Economics of Agriculture.

Regarding the journal continuity, regardless to mentioned changes of its name, testifies the message sent from the Editorial Board in introduction of no. 1/1964, where is said: "by this number, the journal Agriculture and Cooperatives, under new name is entering the eleventh year of its continuous publishing. Mentioned new name is Economics of Agriculture, as only one specialized agro-economic journal within this territory.
At the end of sixties, the journal got its general Yugoslav character. Since the April 1969, the Economics of Agriculture has been officially pronounced as the journal of Yugoslav Community of Scientific-Research Institutions for Economics of Agriculture and the Association of Agricultural Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia. To strengthening of its scientific agro-economic profile in general has contributed the Yugoslav Association of Agrarian Economists, which has been an equal co-publisher since 1985.

For its results and contribution in improvement of agriculture and development of agro-economic scientific idea, journal got several awards. Regarding the 30th anniversary of publishing, by the decree of the SFRY Presidency it was awarded with the National Medal of Merits with Silver Rays.
There should be also emphasized one more fact, significant for the journal profile and rating: during the sixth decades in the journal were engaged several editors-in-chief. From the line of academic agrarian economists, first was Prof. dr Branislav Milosavljević, where in his editorial mandate (1963-1966) was established present name of the journal. Nevertheless, the journal was especially marked by three editors: eng. Milun Ivanović - 12 years (1966-1978), Prof. dr Petar Marković - 10 years (1978-1988) and Prof. dr Viden Ranđelović - 13 years (1988-2001), who was at that duty unfortunately surprised by the sudden death (May 2001).

Since the 2002 to the end of 2011, the Editor in Chief was Prof. dr. Milan R. Milanović. Within the editorial mandate of the Prof. dr Milanović, Journal Economics of Agricultural was significantly strengthened its scientific reputation, so starting as national journal (R62), then the leading national journal (M51), at 2010 it was evaluated as the most influential journal in its scientific field and so by special decision of the Scientific Committee of the competent Ministry, it was verified as a journal with the international importance (M-24).

Since January 2012, the editors in Chief become Prof. dr Drago Cvijanović. During the period 2012-2013 journal was registered in nine international scientific databases what made published papers widely available to the international scientific community. By this were created real preconditions for the further journal improvement, as well as for its inclusion within the list of the most influential international journals.

In order to provide further scientific progress, present Editorial board involves a number of eminent experts from Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Croatia, India, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA.
Editorial board is consisted from 19 members of the International Editorial Board, 5 members of the Executive Editors, 5 Associate Editors and 62 members of International Editorial Review Board.

Generally, in first 55 years have been published exactly 442 issues of this journal. It is one whole library. It should remind that the Yugoslav Association of Agrarian Economists, on the occasion of the 50th jubilee, was prepared an integral Bibliography of the Economics of Agriculture for the entire life time of the journal, from 1954 to 2004. Within the mentioned period in the Economics of Agriculture had been published numerous expert and scientific papers, which had treated the most complex issues of agricultural and rural development. Impressive are number of both, papers and authors (over 4.500). They were not only analytically analyse the actual reality in agriculture, but had, in their own way, continuously indicated our agrarian future.

From 2005 to 2012 it was published 32 regular issues, two thematic and four special issues, where over 1.500 authors published 638 scientific papers. Others were reviews, documents, announcements, reports from scientific meetings, and unfortunately several In memoriam.

Considering the duration of many decades, it can be said that the journal Economics of Agriculture is a reviewed chronicle of characteristic developmental phases, as massive social-political reforms, as well as numerous and profound organizational-economic changes in agriculture.

Editors in Chief of the Journal Economics of Agriculture:

Eng. Stevan AVRAMOVIĆ, September 1959 - May 1963;
Prof. dr Branislav MILOSAVLJEVIĆ, June 1963 - April 1966;
Eng. Milun IVANOVIĆ, May 1966 – June 1978;
Prof. dr Petar MARKOVIĆ, June 1978 - March 1988;
Prof. dr Viden RANĐELOVIĆ, April 1988 - May 2001;
Prof. dr Milan MILANOVIĆ, January 2002 – December 2011;
Prof. dr Drago CVIJANOVIĆ, January 2012 -

The ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE is an international scientific journal, published quarterly by Balkan Scientific Association of Agricultural Economists (BSAAE) in cooperation with Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) Belgrade and Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), Bucharest. Journal has been continuously published for 60 (sixty) years and all these years successfully integrated field of agro-economic science into the context of the global economy. During the decades of lasting, journal has changed its form and title, adjusting its concept and content, as well as dynamics of its publishing activities. Since 2002 has been established the quarterly dynamics of journal printing, with four regular issues.
The main goal of the journal ECONOMICS OF AGRICULTURE is to promote original research in the field of agricultural economy and agribusiness, by providing valuable insight as for academia audience, researchers and experts, as well as for policy-makers and producers in a highly competitive environment.
During 2012 and 2013 journal Economics of Agriculture was registered and indexed in several international scientific databases:

  1. EBSCO,
  2. AgEcon Search,
  3. Index Copernicus Journals Master List,
  4. Social Science Research Network (SSRN),
  5. ProQuest,
  6. Ulrich's Periodicals Directory,
  7. CABI,
  8. J-Gate,
  9. The World Wide Web Virtual Library for European Integration.