• Stevan Čanak, PhD Department for Chemical-Technological sciences, State University of Novi Pazar
  • Zorica Vasiljević, PhD Faculty of Agriculture University of Belgrade
  • Ibrahim Totić, PhD Department for Economic sciences, State University of Novi Pazar


An interest for the rainbow trout production is in expansion in Serbia in recent years. When they make plans for investments, the potential investors into the trout production are usually faced with decision what is optimal size of production they are going to establish. In order to make proper decision, they have to know data on the production and economic performances that could be realized with different production volumes. Unfortunately, the literature on economic parameters dealing with the rainbow trout production is not very rich. This paper is dealing with economic aspects of the rainbow trout production in the conditions of the modern technology utilization that assumes use of water oxygenation. The research subject of the paper is comparison between economic results of the various size trout farms dealing with production of market size trout. For the purposes of this analysis it was used the method of analytical calculation. In the analysis there were defned two production models, M1 model with annual production of 50 tons and M2 model with annual production of 150 tons of table rainbow trout. The results of analysis showed that the M2 model has better economic parameters. In the structure of total production costs, the dominant share has feed (50%), while the labor costs of the full-time employees are in second place (20%). If the Serbian producers want to improve the economic performances of trout production, it is primarily necessary to be reduced the costs of these two items (feed and labor costs).


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