• Milutin T. Đorović, PhD Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade
  • Simo V. Stevanović, PhD Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade
  • Verica M. Lazić, BSc Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade


The paper deals with regional - comparative analysis of major world meat market and trade indices, as extremely important, inevitable and indispensable food product group in the human diet. It specially analyses trends, concerning regional differences in the volume, dynamics and structures of production and trade of beef and buffalo meat, pork, poultry meat and sheep and goat meat. Regions, i.e. countries, the largest producers and largest exporters and importers of these products have been defined.

Pursuant to the above - mentioned, it was found that there are very significant regional differences due to numerous natural, economic and social factors. In the analysis of relations and the degree of influence of aforementioned factors on changes and development directions of the observed phenomenon, quantitative and qualitative market research methods were used.


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