The classification of rural households in Poland by the living standards

  • Agnieszka Wrzochalska Department of Social and Regional Policy, Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute, Warsaw


In addition to income, the equipment of households with durable goods represents a significant indicator of living standards and the quality of life in the population in question. The paper concerns the equipment of rural households with selected durable goods. Based on the possession of durable goods specified in survey, it was possible to distinguish certain types of the surveyed rural households. Analyses of the findings from the survey have shown both improved equipment of rural households with durable goods and a marked advantage of farming families over the landless rural population in this respect. Considering the abovementioned indicators of equipment with durable goods and changes in this respect, it can be concluded that aspirations of the surveyed rural families reflect changing consumption patterns towards higher-order values. The analysis was mostly based on the survey of families residing in 76 villages across Poland, conducted by the IAFE-NRI.


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